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11 Jan 2012 17:23:40
Any truth in rumours of Smith going to either of Ipswich, Leeds or QPR? thanks

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Any chance we can get rid of smith so ashley will give us his wages to spend

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Ed do you know anything? {Ed001's Note - about Smith? Not heard of any potential move for him in January at all.}

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11 Jan 2012 16:06:07
Newcastle are now defiantly looking for a forward due to the fact that Shola is out for the season. Also Demba Ba agents has said that Ba will not be leaving anytime soon.

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It's sammy not shola out you muppet

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Thought it was sammi injured not shola...geordie tom

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Shola? his brother is injured don't know about Shola

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Right it was Sami who is out ??

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Defiantly ?????? {Ed008's Note - Sammy not Shola.

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Jesus give a bloke a break. Simple mistake. Muppet was a bit strong. Still it leaves us further under strength.

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Howay lads man simple mistake...give the lad a much xmas cheers me thinks he's been watching the muppet xmas carol...ed about carrol hope there no truth in the rumour m8 you heartd owt geordie tom {Ed001's Note - nothing in it, just paper lies, not even a rumour but a downright lie.}

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Shola has been missing for the last 10 seasons

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Cheers ed m8 thought it was bull crap mesell ...geordie tom {Ed001's Note - you are welcome mate, best just ignoring anything originating from News International, especially when it pertains to Liverpool.}

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Pmsl@sholamissing...geordie tom

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11 Jan 2012 15:58:35
Expect Newcastle to try to complete Mevlut Erdinc signing as there is interest from his side, fee will be around 5m as PSG no longer need him. Danny Simpson will be leaving to Fulham or Everton in a 4m deal in the next few days. If Simpson leaves expect a replacement, Aly Cissokho has been scouted by Graham Carr and has been offered for 8 million euros (£6.6M). Newcastle are also sniffing around Jordan Rodes and will bid if Erdinc deal fails. Junior Hoillett and Chris Samba could come in if a big name leaves as it is believed they could command a fee of around £10-12M (as Junior Hoillett only has six months left on contract). Demba Ba will not be leaving, his agents released clause so Newcastle will offer a new contract to double his wages. Expect the clause to be removed. Newcastle will definetly not resign Andy Carroll.

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Everton have no money

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Fulham do though

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Sounds feasible. Am not expecting ashley to buy us a cb because williamson is doing well. Also heard aston villa are in for danny simpson?

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Doesnt matter if williamson is doing well, we need somebody to cover for him. and if willo or collo get injured perch simply isnt good enough

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Didnt that welshtoon guy say this all yesterday? u bit late pal?

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Simpson worth 4m? get real 2m maybe. double ba wages? thatll be about 60-70k then. big clubs can and will offer more.arsenal looking at cissokho and samba. they got more chance than nufc.

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Simpson been amazin dnt want him to go

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If everton don't hav any money why are they about to buy darron gibson

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For 2 mill in instalments!

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11 Jan 2012 15:26:11
Mehdi Abeids friend and international team mate Abdelhakim Omrani who is a 20 year old attacking midfielder and plays for RC Lens is coming to Newcastle to have a trial.

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11 Jan 2012 14:13:06
More French wave to hit Tyneside. . .nufc officials including derek llambias was in paris and had discussion with agents for more than 6 players. . .2 players(CB,CF) for this window and 4 to 5 players in summer(we'll be offloading 5 players). . . . iToon

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11 Jan 2012 13:49:43
alan pardew has sed for the last month we arnt lookin for a forward in january as he has hatem ben arfa
so get in out your heads about carrol cumin back and erdinc signing.

we ar looking for a young centre back and a centre mid as danny guthrie has failed to sign a new contract (NufcKinda)

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It's not like pardew is trying to reduce expectation;) the reason he said we weren't after a striker as if you remember last summer when we tryed everyone thought we were desperate to get a striker so upped prices on anyone who interested. I am very glad that we did not get the panic buy of ruiz I think he has been poor

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11 Jan 2012 11:34:22
How about the story i heard of stadium name change back to St james's park is it true please say it is ED {Ed007's Note - Sorry I haven't heard anything about that.}

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Unless a die hard Newcastle fan decided to fork out an awful amount of money (same amount as a sponsor would) it won't become St James Park whilst Ashley is in charge.

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I think it might just not change tbh, on Sky Sports they still refer to it as St James', maybe it's just getting quietly swept under the carpet?? Finger's X'd

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Its still called st james' bcoz on the olympic tickets it has st james' on.

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For the duration of the Olympics it will be St James Park. It'll continue top be Sports Direct Arena.

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For the olympics it will be called St James's as they already advertised as this. I did hear that Branson had talks with Ashley regarding the stadium name and favoured renaming it back but its just a rumour at present.

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Newcastle United play at ST. JAMES PARK end of!!!!!!!

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SPORTS DIRECT ARENA, where is St James Park enough said, it's down as the SDA unlucky

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Why they couldnt just sell the St james Park name I dont know - for example "Virgin Money At St James Park" or St James & Virgin Money Arena/Park"

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11 Jan 2012 10:47:24
Sorry guys, the bid on hoillet by nufc is just 3-4m not 7m, brfc wants 7m but since his contracts end in 6 months,they might be forced to sell for a reduced price . . . . iToon

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This lad is quality. Top signing if we could pull this off.

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Hoilett def in this summer but not jan

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11 Jan 2012 10:34:33
Some solid rumours (ESPN) about us seriously going after Junior Hoilett; I for one think this would be an incredible signing and (if no one goes) a pretty big statement of intent.

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Another obertan lots of pace no end product as routledge

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You must not watch the same guy dont you remember the goal he scored against us

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You clearly dont watch football, hoilett has been immense for blackburn this season and certainly has an end product, would be an immense signing

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He calls him another obertan, obertan's a half decent player, what do you want? we're not going to sign ronaldo, messi or silva-esque players are we, you've got to get real pal, hoilett will be a quality signing if we can get him, i have my doubts though, i think he'l be at blackburn until the summer, and then someone will offer silly money wage wise to the lad and will snare him

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11 Jan 2012 10:20:06
No truth in the Andy Carroll rumours at all. However apparently Junior Hoilett is very high on the list, as is Mevlut Erding who we have rekindled interest in. Although this time it is Erding who is trying to push the move through. On CB's there are lots of rumours flying around, my choice would be Yanga Mbiwa. He seems the best choice still young with time to improve but also a very good player now.

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11 Jan 2012 09:51:22
Newcastle United will be the first club to take the plunge and bid 7m for Junior Hoillet of Blackburn Rovers. . . iToon

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Bolton have bid for him. Dont know how much though. Would like to get him because we need some competition on the wing, but i doubt we'll even bid

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11 Jan 2012 08:55:34
is Ravel Morrison from Utd any good? he's one of their most highly rated youth players apparently. i know he's scored against us inreserves a few times. apparently contract talks have stalled and he's out of contract end of season. hopefully someone at the club is keeping eye on the situation.

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He's supposed to have an awful attitude but they think he could be one of the best players to come from there academy.

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11 Jan 2012 08:36:55
Rumour has it Nufc looking at Cristophe Berra if the J.Tomkins deal cant come to any agreement (WelshToon)

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11 Jan 2012 08:28:42
Newcastle will not be paying Liverpool anything for Andy Carroll. But.....Liverpool are about to fork out between 10-15million + Carroll for Tiote who they want to replace the injured Lucas and push for that 4th champs league spot. Newcastle are planning on using the majority of the money to win the race to sign Samba and a replacement midfielder from abroad (Not sure who) although Liverpool have also offered Coates on loan for the remainder of the season as a good will gesture if we don't land Samba.
Spurs have agreed with Newcastle to sign Tim Krul in the summer to replace Friedel for around 18million.
Also Danny Simpson will sign a new deal by the weekend as Newcastle have agreed to match his terms following his recent form.
Believe what you will.

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So Liverpool will offer 10-15 million plus Carroll and Coates (Loan) for Tiote - please get real! Carroll is staying there and isn't coming back just like Torres won't be back at Liverpool.

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Believe what you will - i believe non of it

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Ive read a lot of crap over the years, but this takes some beating.

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His following form which has been hot and miss at best? also why would liverpool spend 15mil plus carroll for tiote? when lucas is fit again they will have two similar players and one will end up sitting on the bench

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Abosolutley none of it, the carrol stuff has already been sorted he aint cumin. samba is to old and would cost to much.
tim krul is one of th hottest young goalkeeping prospects in the premier league and our current financial status meens we dont have to sell at low prices so that price of 18mill is far to low

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Don't want Carroll back. We don't play to his strengths anymore. He made his bed. Needs to get his head down at Liverpool and grow up.

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18m is probably fair game for a player with no vast prem. experience, and having only played 1 game in european competition.

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Simple response "head in the shed" (WelshToon)

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18m for a keeper only man utd that stupid

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11 Jan 2012 06:19:52
Tottenham and Arsenal is chasing Tim Krul and Newcastle has responded that they value him at 15 millions. Is it just me or shouldn't he be valued over 20? If we lose Ba, Krul, Tiote and Colo, what do we have left? There are even rumours about Cabaye leaving. How come there are so many rumours about all our good players?

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Because forums like this are full of idiots who believe them all

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Its all just rumours. Not even Ashley would sell all of those players.

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Because no-one's interested in the crap players?

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Cause we got the best young prospects and every one is jealous ,plus the top clubs feel they have a divine right to raid of our top players any time they so wish.

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Oh yes the fat bloke would sell all of them and he would sell his mother if there is cash involved !! the fat cockney kn@b

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I would say Newcastke are probably one of the best run clubs in the country with one of the biggest fan bases. We don't need sell players. We will only sell if someone wants to pay stupid money

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10 Jan 2012 23:44:32
in Mexico there are reports that Newcastle buy someone for 10 million euros, but did not name.
ed, you know something? {Ed001's Note - I don't know of any they have bought as of yet, though I would think they are referring to a deal for Erdinc.}

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That could be numerous players including Ecuadorian Christian Benitez or Chilean Humbarto Suazo

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