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11 Aug 2013 12:41:46
remy out for the man city game at least with a calf injury

big dave out

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Probably more than just the Man City game as he will not have done any pre season work or have any matches to get upto speed -don't expect to see him until mid September

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What about Jordan Rhodes or troy deeney
Both would do a job for us
Or a player from holland
Or Italy
Or Portugal
We must have other irons in the fire

What is going on

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I keep on banging on about this but I wish we'd just go into markets like south america! technical flair, creative players! Maybe we would if we had a different owner.

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South American imports are very rarely successful and cause problems

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Went to bournemouth vs Watford this weekend deeney was class. Definitely not a champ player

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South Americans are tricky because it's hard to get them work permits. However there are some cases like that Adrade guy we've been linked with because his parents are from Portugal there's no problem for him.

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We are paying the whole of remys 80 grand per week wages. Don't expect another striker in, Ashley will see it as enough cover since he's also paying cisse, shola, gouffran and Campbell wages to potentially play in the same position.

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Deeney seems to be another Ranger but possibly a bit quieter, the fact he went to prison for 10 months for kicking someone in the head last year, signals to me we should stay away from him. Also Rhodes would cost an arm and a leg as Blackburn aren't going to take a loss on him.

Also how would you know if we are paying the full wages for Remy, complete an utter guess. I would guess we are not which is why we paid the initial 2mil, no way are we going to be paying 80k a week for someone who could theoretically go to prison, and with players like Cabaye and Benny on around 50k each.

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I agree it is hard to get them work permits, but players like Bernard, Fred (The younger one) Andrade we should be competing for but because ashley is so tight fisted it won't happen.

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Hard to get them across the line as you need work permits. They are not always given out, same with Africa I think.

In response to concerns that clubs were increasingly passing over young British players in favour of signing less-expensive foreign players, in 1999, the Home Office tightened its rules for granting work permits to players from countries outside of the European Union. Currently a non-EU player applying for the permit must have played for his country in at least 75% of its competitive 'A' team matches for which he was available for selection during the previous two years, and his country must have averaged at least 70th place in the official FIFA world rankings over the previous two years. If a player does not meet those criteria, the club wishing to sign him may appeal if they believe that he is a special talent and "able to contribute significantly to the development of the game at the top level in the UK. "

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11 Aug 2013 04:36:02
Reports suggesting we're finally going to give up on Gomis because his agents are asking for ridiculous amounts of money which we aren't willing to pay.

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He's 28 years old, I really don't think all that money is worth that on a player who's going past his peak. I'd prefer some younger strikers like Lacina Traore, Brown Ideye and add Scott sinclair into the mix

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Where is Graham Carr? What is he doing? Has Joking Ear given him the elbow?

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We should seriously consider Brown Ideye. He's young, a good striker (despite having a poor confederations cup), would cost no more than Gomis and has stated publicly that he wants to come to Newcastle.

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Really think we should give up on Gomis and look for someone else. At 28, his transfer fee, his agents fees and his wage demands are too much.

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Traore is too expensive wants too much, Sinclair on the verge of signing for WBA and ideye has turned his attention to Germany (Dortmund, schalke) for champions league footy

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I read on internet that Brown Ideye is desperate to play for newcastle. What are wasting our time for!

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Carr has had a bust up with joe Kinnear but doubt he would get the boot

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