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11 Apr 2013 22:26:21
Well played lads. A little bit more luck in this tie, and we could have been in the semi's (offsides/hitting post/penalty shout). The first leg killed us, with 2 silly mistakes.
They scored as we were chasing the game, no shame in drawing with Benfica, have caused better sides than us problems recently.
Would loved to have beaten them though especially with all the play acting and time wasting.

Still happy enough with the performance, no Collocini, Santon, Taylor, Tiote, Debuchy, Goufran, and we still give them a right game.

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Well said last 3 games we have played is only positive Silly mistakes rub of the green could have us in the semis
This team needs building on and I think it will be
Some good individual performances and Williamson tried but tonight showed he is not Premiership material
Arfa and Marveaux showed what good natural players can do

Cabaye when we needed him was poor

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We can't rely on luck, plus we got very lucky on our goal if it didn't hit the defender we wouldn't of scored.

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Couldn't agree more

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We did get the toughest team of the round, they've gone 36 games unbeaten including tonight

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Sick about last night, even with the two goals we needed there was always something in the back of my head saying the lads can do this you know

But I guess it wasn't to be and Benfica continue there class unbeaten run

Now time to forget about last night and Europe (at least for all of next season and this) and concentrate of kicking ssshhhhiiiittttt outta the on Sunday xD

Season not over yet still a lot of work that needs to be done

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Arnt chelsea the european champions?

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Disagree about the criticism of Willo - I was at the match and he had a solid game. He won everything in the air. Krul wasnt the greatest his distribution is so poor.

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11 Apr 2013 17:53:21
I'm pumped for tonight, excited, but i'm a bit nervous. I genuinely do think we can go all the way to the final if we can overcome a benfica side that have beat manchester united. that's how big it is. I think we need to score early, then control the match, don't give benfica a moment of peace, then go for the second, and if we do go through, I will actually cry! C'MON LADS WE CAN DO THIS!
Simpson Perch M'biwa Santon/Haidara
Cabaye Anita
Marveaux Sissoko Jonas
Geordie Moses

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Team has been announced
Simmo Willo M'biwa Haidara
Bigi Cabaye Anita Jonas
a few surprises with perch not getting a starting place and williamson starting only thing I could think of was to combat cardozo aerial ability who starts on the bench anyway, and obviously Bigi who certainly has a big chance to shine, I can only think pardew is wanting to keep a clean sheet and hopefully have a 1-0 lead and bring on marveux and hatem to get that magical winning goal.

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Important euro game and no atmosphere and empty seats, suited to I TV 4 think I'll put the spurs game on bigger club may be a better game. Benfica dictating play too easy.

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Are you kidding on? the game was sold out and we had a good go at it. If they hadn't disallowed just one of the goals or if they'd given the penalty for their keeper halfing Cisse we'd have won it. We'd also have had a better time if they hadn't wasted every second possible.

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Empty seats. what game where you watching exactly? the match was sold out there wasn't one empty seat what so ever, as well as that the atmosphere was incredible, clearly not a newcastle fan what so ever.

The team gave it their best effort in both legs thought we deserved to win overall cisse hitting the post twice and 2 offside goals and shouldve had a pen when the keeper took cisse out.

Would also like to point out to all the people who were doubting the quality of basel they have just knocked out whether they were missing players or not they are still a good team and basel have showed they are certainly not a push over.

Wasn't particularly impressed with benfica at all, with all this talk of being unbeaten all season and being a class above us. I felt we were the better team and we were missing some really important players.

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It wasn't time wasting, it was dictating play, benficas goal was class, newcastles was scrappy, cisse was offside most of the game.

Benfica were comfortable and scored when it mattered.

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Well I watched it on TV and camera showed empty seats up in the gods on about the 30 the minute. Loads of them. Commentator mentioned it in the second half too.

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They were a class above us
Look at the result

They eased off the throttle because they knew the job was done

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You dnt ease of the throttle when u are one goal away from being eliminated! Daft as a brush!

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We should of won it overall? Are you joking?
Hitting the posts doesn't count for nothing.
Benfica deserved to win and progress, they hit the back of the net not the posts.

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Look at the result. the result doesn't reflect the games at all, they scored a 93rd minute goal whilst we were all out for the win if we had scored we'd have gone through. ?
sometimes its hard to believe people on here are newcastle fans

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But you don't realise that it would look totally different if we didn't get that really lucky goal

People are saying the result didn't reflect the match, of course it did
They scored more goals
If we supposedly played better than them, we would score more and win

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Anyone who thinks Benfica controlled the game is an person. They were the better team in the first half but it was all us in the second half and after our goal they looked shaky. In the end we just didn't have that bit of luck or moment of magic you need in these situations. In the first leg we were inches away from scoring 3 goals and tonight the decisions just didn't go our way. Overall I think we can be proud of our run in Europe, we made it to the last 8, beating some good teams and had some great moments and although we won't qualify again this season, there's no reason we can't do it next season and I think it may only be a matter of time before we can lift that trophy.

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Overall we were poor and pardews tactics doesn't encourage an atmospere for the team to build upon. we need to be more aggressive earlier on in our games so that the crowd feed off the players and vice versa, and not just sit there and do nothing for 70mins then decide panic last 20. sick as. pardew out. del

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If we deserved to win we would score more
We didn't score enough so we didn't deserve to win

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So your saying the team that wins a match is always deserving of that victory, not at all. Whether we deserved to win or not 4-2 flattered them, people are giving them far too much credit. Benfica were rattled most of the second half, and I thought pards tactics were spot on, keep that clean sheet in the first half and still be in the game, get a goal earlyish second half and got all out for the win, we were unlucky over the whole tie and you more often than not need luck to win a european competition just like chelsea last year

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They hit the back off the net? Well two of them should not of happened and it was really unlucky if we scored both times the tie we would of won like 5-2 3-1 away and 2-1 home with a penalty

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