Newcastle Rumours Archive April 11 2012


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11 Apr 2012 19:44:29
hi ed heard were intersted in aiden mcgeady god buy and would add european quality also rumours buzzing around about Man Utd hijacking our douglas move Craig64

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They have Jones Smalling Evans and Ferdinand ????

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And Vidic

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Two of those are the wrong side of thirty though.

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And McGeady is a donkey. (I'm Irish and know)

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Mcgeady is being talked about in the silly money bracket and is most certainly not worth it

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11 Apr 2012 09:54:03
Newcastle looking at Wigans Diame. I'd say grab him with both hands...

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The ACON gets in the way for Diame like Ba. Ba´s form after the ACON has been a 6.5/10

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The ACON is only worrying if u don't have players to replace the ones who leave. I think that will change next season somehow...

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Whats an ACON ?

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African Cup Of Nations

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Its only every two years and not at all next season, don't see why this should stop us buying a good player as diame is, didn't stop us with tiote,pdc or ba {Ed003's Note - Their is one next year,then they a reverting back to every 2 years}

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There is an ACON next January - FACT!

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Poor player form after ACON?! Ahem Papiss Cisse...

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Diame is decent but i think we need just 1 more top quality tough tackling defensive midfielder rather than attacking

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11 Apr 2012 09:52:57
Danny Guthrie to Celtic 3.5 million pounds!

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That's a great piece of business considering his contract is up at the end of the season and can move on a free

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To Scotland? can't see it, he'll go too Fulham or somewhere. oh for free.

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He is a free agent

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I don't think he'll move to Scotland, he's preformed well in the premier league and the SPL is a step or two down, I would know I'm Scottish

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11 Apr 2012 08:31:09
Ryan Nelsen on a free from Spurs as well as Royston Drenthe on a free as well!

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Ashley wont buy anyone over 26 so you can rule the 34 year old Ryan Nelson out.

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Why disagree. Its a fact Ashley wont sign anyone over 26. No re-sale value.

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I would take royston drenthe on the left n put jonas on the right and loan the youth to championship and league 1 at the start of next season to get experience.

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Mate, where on earth is the room for the legendary Hatem Ben Arfa!

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Up front

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So you'd drop ba or cisse? pathetic mate. drenthe is also a dud.

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Ever heard of cover? Ba has a history of injury, what's wrong with getting cover?

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Thats why shola got new contract as cover

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11 Apr 2012 08:29:58
Ipswich and Hull looking to sign Nile Ranger for 1 million pounds, maybe we can get rid of him this summer!

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11 Apr 2012 08:28:46
Dan Gosling is being looked at by Stoke, Aston Violla and Celtic. Approx price, 4 million, could be some easy cash for us!

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Could be, but NUFC has no intention to sell him just yet.

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Why do we have to keep him, Perch is even ahead of him in the Midfield!

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They've told Gosling that he can leave in the summer and that he's not needed in their squad.

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So why give him game time if teh likes af abeid are waiting. he's being given a chance to prove his worth to the squad,

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4m sounds right he will go to QPR because they like playing overpriced players

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Maybe to put him in the shop window?

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His contract is up in the summer.

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NO its not, He only signed a couple of seasons ago!

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James Perch has been awesome this season...

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Is this the same james Perch every 1 of your fans slagged of or a different 1 and also slagged pardhew for playing him.

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Of course it's the same James Perch! Who else would it be? I've looked into it, definitely only one James Perch in the NUFC squad. I will of course double check. Imagine how embarassed I'd be if there were actually 2 or more! Couldn't find a Pardhew anywhere either. Since you're so great, I'll keep you in the loop. Is that OK with you? I agree with this young boy everyone, DO NOT express an opinion, informed or otherwise, you wouldn't want to upset anyone would you?

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11 Apr 2012 08:15:39
Leeds United are looking to offer a 1 year deal for Alan Smith for about 3/4 of his wages at us. Some are saying he will be captain? Any thoughts on this guys?

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They can't afford to give hime that much, tho he's off our books end of june so who cares where he goes.

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Actually Leeds are selling Becchio to Ipswich so his wages will go to Smith plus his normal wages!

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Doesnt his contract run out this summer

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Thought he was getting a new reduced one

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No new contract for smith and am sure his current one ends this season..edd do can you confirm it or not. {Ed001's Note - yep, it ends this summer.}

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Thank God, he's been a very below average player.

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