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10 May 2013 15:38:43
Sissoko apparently had an argument after Liverpool game and stormed out training and now he's out for the season with a injury that no one has seen him pick up? Seems a bit suspicious to me. Also shola out for season but not bothered from that


Yeah I heard that last week but couldn't find anything on the blogs. Sounds plausible though. Maybe anyone who angers pards gets a 2 week ban and a fake hamstring injury. Explains all the injurys. Pards out!!

This is a bit too much of a conspiracy theory sounding story to be a real thing.

Dont beleive all you read

Inner report there is a conflict and Sissisko does not want to play for Newcastle again with Pardew as manager citing his táctics as pathetic
& we all know what most fans thoughts on that point.

Inner report being the tv news. Dyde!

To original poster!

Do you actually know how the price of a player is worked out?

Because not ONE Newcastle player if worth 15million.

Price is based on form, stats, cards, goals etc.

Tiote be worth 15-20million - the person gives away stupid fouls in stupid places all the time. He also gets FAR to many cards (reds and yellows) meaning a club coming in for him would know the risk and reduce the price to suit. He has also has a terrible season, he has done NOTHING
He is worth about 5 and the very most

Cabaye 20-30million - no Cesc went for 34 and he is ten times the player of Cabaye. I love Cabaye and think he is one class act, but he is not a WORLD BEATER. He just does what he does well, nothing that special about him
He is worth about 10-14 but the way Newcastle operator in the transfer market if he is sold it will be close to 20million

Ben Arfa 20-30 - No, he's never been fit this year, scored 4 goals and 4 assists to his name in a year. Yer (sigh) I can see a team paying top doller for someone like that
He's worth less than 10million (6-8million)

Krul 15-20 - Again, eh? How I really don't think any goal keeper has moved for that much. Even the best goal keepers go for less than 10 million.
Krul is not a good goal keeper either, he is a class shot stopper and that is all.
Tops of 9 million

Cisse 15-25million - HAHAA yer 13 goals can't hit the side of a barn door, 10000000 times a web site this year.
We would be lucky to get the 10 we paid for him

Sissoko 15-20million - Who is he again, he came, he scored, he has done nothing since?!
Tops of 7 million

Mbiwa 18-20million - WHO DO YOU THINK HE IS RIO FERDINAND? The boy is young A VERY LOT to learn (and that has shown in the last few week when he has played VERY poor)
he is worth about the 6 we paid for him. He has done nothing magical.

What did you put on your Frosties this morning? Honestly?!

Not one of our players is worth anything clsoe to what you think, they have finished 14th in the league not 5th again
They haven't been the team of last year, they have all played poor, their form has been diabolical at times

STOP BIGGING OUR PLAYERS UP, we are not Man U Chelsea or City. With the big massive names, and the world class players

We are Newcastle United, with normal players, nothing special about any of them. As shown this year

Last year at the end of the season, I would have agreed with you on most of them prices, but you CAN NOT JUSTIFY them on what the lads have done this year. NOTHING


I bet you told your kids there was no Santa Claus on their first birthday!

Not impressed with Debuchy so far. Want Simpson to get a new contract. If this TV money is as good as it sounds, we can afford more players and a bigger squad anyway. Its better to give Simpson a new contract anyway than go and buy a new right back. Think he's been treat poorly anyway, so don't know why he'd want to stay now. Shame.

Its not value its selling price.

Yes and you can't put a good selling price on anyone who hasn't performed. You need to justify it
Why ever would I team over spend on player that didn't perform, when they could spend on players that did?

With our lot this year, you can not justify a 15 million price tag on any of them, no team would pay it.




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