Newcastle Rumours Archive March 10 2012


10 Mar 2012 20:32:12
Newcastle should renew their interest in FC Sochaux's central midfielder Marvin Martin and and also winger Ryad Boudebouz, as both seem quality players, but playing for a club which seems destined for relegation. Therefore, the players may be sold for a lower price, and i think focus should especially be placed on Martin, who is young, and also a full French international


So none of kruls world class saves count? if it wasnt for barcas passing and attacking puyol, pique, valdes would be s**t if thats what you're going by.

What a load of s**te if it wasn't for williamson and collo krull would be average

And another decent CB, Williamson is doing really bad this season

Boudebouz would be good I think we are a good young fast right winger short of being a top 4 team

With Tiote on the verge of a big money move, i could well see Martin coming instead. Also Boudebouz is a dream come through imo.

To Banana Man - Pretty sure we 'almost broke-even' for the financial year - not that the actual financial position is in profit

In that case how much you owe your owner how much of his own money he spent banana

Almost breaking even? you owe ashley 140m you banana

Have heard Martin's had a pretty poor season. Also heard it's been Boudebouz who's been the standout performer.

asked me last year which one i'd take? probably would've been inclined to go with Martin. Based on what I've seen and heard, Boudebouz would be the best bet (though id love both)

"I just wish fatty would sell up and gan back 2 the smoke and take specky with him" Any one else sick of comments like this? Granted Ashleys made some bad decisions in the past and no dout will in the future. BUT look at where we are...competing for europe, building a great squad and almost breaking even. Not many owners/teams can acheive this these days. Why cant people just live for the moment and enjoy the club we love so dear.

I just wish fatty would sell up and gan back 2 the smoke and take specky with him

Maybe i didn't hear that correctly... you thin we should drop Cisse. the player signed for 10 million pounds just in January and given the number 9 shirt.. you want to drop him? Well i'm glad you're not in charge mate!

Drop cisse and play martin behind ba with ben arfa on the right wing and hoilett on the left then sign eric pieters or cissokho to play left back and send santon to right back plus we need cover in defence so sign a centre back who can play left back i would like mapa-mbwiga (spelling) and then move on dead wood: smithy, xisco, ranger, etc

Marvin Martin is a quality player but where does he fit into our team? we already have a very good French international in his position - Cabaye.




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