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10 Jun 2013 17:03:02
Derby to sign centre back Williamson.

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I've heard he's going to Cardiff for £2 mill

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Williamson to go to Cardiff for 2 million

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Bony to sign next Tuesday, his house in the outskirts of Arnheim (Holland) has been sold yesterday.

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Both Ameobi's to Boro. Sammy loan for season and Shola 2 mil

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Toon interested in Durch U21 Forward, wijnaldum

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Wijnaldum would be awsome

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Give your heeds a shake have a sleep then start again Geez

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Willo to cardiff for 2.5m

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2mil for donkeyameobi he's not worth 20k

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10 Jun 2013 14:19:21
Darren Bent signing. Fact

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Not a chance Fact!

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Could do much worse than Bent. If wages are reasonable then I'd go for it. Villa must just want rid so I don't think a transfer fee would be much of a problem.

What are his other options? Palace? Fulham?

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It's not he said fact

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Darren Bent signing. Lie

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I hope not!

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Another well sourced, well presented argument as to why a player is signing, good job

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Do you honestly think anyone believes that post, Ashley won't fund any spending spree, he has a cockney manager in place, he is a bit more subtle than when he first took over the club, but his intentions are the same, easy meat you lot.

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Well we will see eh chaps. Be nice to come back to this when its a done deal

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Would love to see bent in black and white he is a class finisher

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What is the matter with all of you? The guy stated FACT at the end of his statement so it is clearly happening wether we agree with it or not, and there is no point making a counter argument unless you are willing to write 100% TOTAL FACT NO COMEBACKS at the end of your statement.

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The fact is he said fact in capitals, therefore it is true. People if you look at this site, how many times do we hear dogey rumours? Only when the the statement is backed up the the word fact in captials does it ever come true. FACT, unless he is a cockeny attempting to say that something is broken ie FACKED. ? in which case he is simpley saying that the deal will not go through.

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You can't triple stamp a double stamp lloyd

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Dumb and Dumber, what a film lol

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1. Only people end their statements with 'fact' if it is a 'fact' then it is self evident.

2. Please PLEASE no to Darren Bent! Awful one on one, misses about 5 chances for every 1 scored, invisible outside the box, same type of striker as Cisse but much worse, massive wages, almost 30, lazy, too expensive, injury prone. have I missed anything?

(. I don't want us to sign him. )

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Doubt all you like, like I said ill enjoy coming back to this thread when it happens.

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No better than Cisse. Although I would have him back.

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What you on, no better than Cisse, even if he misses 5 chances every game he will still score more than the clowns you have up front. You need a striker that scores that's what he will do. Wages high but got 2/3 years left and he will do a great job for you, go get Bony as well job done up front. Get a decent midfielder and another defender, Your good to go. Really hope you have a great season a Charlton fan.

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09 Jun 2013 20:44:06
In regards to andy Carroll, nufc are not putting an offer which he wanted, west ham are just waiting for a response from Carroll, but he is also thinking about Liverpool and likely that Carroll may want another season out on loan if possible as he is not 100% about joining west ham permanently.

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Newcastle are going to go for Bony instead.

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Rumour has it that West Ham are looking at Bony as well and are about to make a bid
Seems that Newcastle are very inactive and others are stealing a march on our targets with us losing out

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Carroll is chewing his lip over £100 grand a week, forget him, he thinks he is a great player now.

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Source at Liverpool claims that Carroll deal is being discussed, with Ben Arfa and/or Cisse going the other way.

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That last post is quality and clearly by a Mackem or a highly deluded scouser.

Here we will take your trash and in return give you one of our most prized possessions.

Top drawer - I applaud you.

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No way is Carroll coming back to us, just accept it.

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Newcastle are inactive? why? because our business isn't splashed across every newspaper, nobody knows who or when they will be signing players it's all hearsay and wishful thinking

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No, not a Mackem, Mag thru'n thru. With rumours, you have to read between the lines. Pool are said to be 'considering' a swap; we KNOW they want rid, but don't want to look totally stupid by accepting Ashley's v. low offer. We KNOW Pardew's a Carroll fan. But the possible Cisse angle suggests that Suarez is on his way, so makes sense. You have to see it from l'pool's point of view.

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