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10 Jan 2013 19:44:22
Newcastle have bid for left back Gaeton Bong.

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We need a CB and ST not wasting money on a backup left back,

our board are persons

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These rumours are Gaeten ridiculous. Pass me the Bong.

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It may be to bolster the fullback positions in general as it would mean we'd have an rb in Debuchy, a lb in Bong, and Santon who can play both. It would also allow us to get rid of Simpson who it's rumoured we're gonna make a swap deal with West Ham for Tomkins, a cb. See how it works

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Think he can play cb aswell, got to be better than willo

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Bada bing bada BONG

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Get a LB in, means we gain a left sided midfielder. Santon has shown more going forward than going back. So Bong/Santon alternate at LB as required, Simpson/Debuchy/Anita for RB ... sorted.

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10 Jan 2013 18:44:59
Valenciennes saying we've made an offer for one of their defenders.. I got excited, I thought it might be the highly rated Isimat-Mirin, turns out it's their left back Bong, a Cameroon International, to provide competion for Davide Santon for the left full back position

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10 Jan 2013 18:18:05
well it looks like santons as good as gone, pardew says hes not for sale, and we are interested in a left back from cameroon called gaeton bong.just before i get slated pardew used a similar phrase before andy carrols departure...del

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Danny simpsons up for sale aint he? Move Santon too the right and bong to the left, plus were fairly short in the defense department.

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You not realised debuchy has joined?^

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Santon isn't for sale and has said he wants to stay here, but if god forbids he does go, the lack of ambition showed by this club now would be more than worrying and questions will start to be asked, we need cover in positions just because we have 1 rb and 1 lb doesnt mean we can't buy another

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Santon further forward either side ? Big threat going forward

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Santon will be moving forward to left midfield.

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Debuchy can play right or in thr middle of midfeild

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NO he cant!

He can play RW or RB, that's it!

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Debuchy has also played as a CDM

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10 Jan 2013 17:35:23
We have made a bid for cameroon left back Bong and also offered WHU simpson in exchange for tomkins who is apparently unwanted.

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Good idea, 2 new defenders, one out and he wants to go to West Ham. We will have bigger competition there and a better centre back than Williamson YEAAAAAAAAA

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10 Jan 2013 17:32:12
A newspaper reporting we have made a big for Gaetan Bong, a 24 year-old Cameroon international who plays for Valenciennes at left-back. The club's president, Jean-Raymond Legrand, has said: "Newcastle are very interested, they have made an offer''.

Definitely would strengthen and add depth to the fullback area. Hopefully we can add a CB (Douglas? Tomkins?) to the fold to.

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10 Jan 2013 16:50:50
french club valenciennes say newcastle have made a bid for there cameroon lb gaetan bong capped 10 times by cameroon

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10 Jan 2013 14:43:46
TV reporting cabaye is in squad for the weekend game ... geordie tom

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Probably only there to make up the subs bench numbers. I expect that Debuchy will start, seeing as Simpson is out.

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Pardew's said that if Cabaye plays he'll be subbed on and only if we really need him

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10 Jan 2013 11:57:06
Remy staying at marseille. 100%......... A move will be in the summer maybe.

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Sorry for the pasteing but this just says it all when you look at the remy situation too Newcastle remain in the hunt for a new striker, and the French market has been kind to the club in the past, but St Etienne have made the Magpies aware that they have no intention of allowing discussions to be opened regarding a deal for Pierre-Emerick Chris Burton 1/10/2013 11:00:33 AM 11:00 AM

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Why do you guys make these stories up? There is interest, but no decision or bid.

Pierre Aubameyang however would be a player worth a look, a lot of pace that we sorely miss up front.

Mathieu Valbuena linked with Newcastle today, although his 'agent' says his client 'will only join one of the Manchester clubs', and describes Toon's French influx as 'a fad'.

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The ironic thing is what have Marseille really achieved??, they are in a poor League which in my opinion is the equivalent to English championship when you take out PSG, Lyon and Marseille.

PSG are the team that stands out in France, Lyon and Marseille are selling clubs and always will be.

Marseille are not a great club at all and for him to think his client (Valbuena) is worthy of only the best clubs is a joke!

For crying out loud his client is playing with JOEY BARTON!! Enough Said, No english clubs wanted him!

This guy needs to wake up!, his client aint going anywhere and you aint a good player unless you test yourself in the best League in the world which is with out a doubt the PL.

You keep your client on small wages and lets see who would regret not making the move to something better.

Agents like these should keep there mouth shut, they have no clue about football nor do they ever have there clients best interests at heart. MONEY MONEY MONEY thats all they want.

Also his client being 28 and the way we now spend not only on age but sell on value, his player would have never been of any interest from Newcastle. Just another person getting there 2 pence in trying to make a name for themselves!

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St Etienne are saying they won't sell Aubameyang but let's face it if a large enough bid is made they'll listen

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A large enough bid? with MA in charge...not going to happen

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Well his starting price is 6m so add 1.5-2m for his run of form and it's still cheaper than Remy and they're basically the same so...

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10 Jan 2013 10:11:21
Have heard a strong rumour this morning, Charlie Austin is on his way to Newcastle for talks and medical. The fee is believed to be 3 million and James tavernier going the other way. Don't shoot the messenger, lets just wait and see.

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I heard hes heading to north east but the smoggies reckon hes going there

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What a replacement for demba ba. NOT

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True or not, why does it have to be a replacement for Ba? why can't it be just adding to our squad? an up and coming young player, is that so hard to believe?

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Would prefer a wide player but we do need a back up for cisse besides shola

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Because if you lose one of the best strikers in the league you need to get something similar so you can score goals...

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10 Jan 2013 00:47:04
Joey Barton tweeted that Remy is staying. He also said he did try to persuad him but has decided to stay and hopefully win the league

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I follow joey Barton and he hasn't said anything about Remy deal.

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He did tweet something like that about remy, but it was over 20 hours ago! thats a long time in the transfer window!

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09 Jan 2013 22:41:42
The same French publication that interviewed the Olympique Marseilles coach Elie Baup in Marrakech (Wednesday), where he said (as reported) Loic Remy could still be there in the summer also ran another piece today, 15 minutes later.

It suggests that Remy has been in two minds about what to do, an attitude that has irked the Olympique Marseilles staff and that he now is inclined to consider a departure to continue his career at Newcastle (no mention of other clubs). The piece also suggested that NUFC would put in a concrete offer in the next 24 hours (Wed/Thurs).

Maybe not dead yet!

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My opinion is that he probably does want to sign but i have a feeling we will offer OM an amount that they find unsuitable and it will get rejected, then end up coming to nothing. My concern is that this will become a prolonged event, similar to that of erdinc and de jong. Id be lying if i said i didnt believe there is a possibly of not signing a replacement, and this worries me.

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Clutching at straws its not gonna happen otherwise it would of by now, pardew showing no commitment to the deal and the player seems indifferent to the move

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As long as ashley is at the club we will not compete for anything he is running the club to make money not to win things if your gonna win things you need to pay top wages to attract top players and what he is doing is buying cheap young talented players and selling them for profit he has no ambition for this club not like sir john and keegan did they could see what we could be what we should be with our fan base .people think ashley is being clever and sensible not paying high wages but only the teams who pay top wages on good players like man you man see and chelsea win things at least spurs are trying to brake into the top 3 or 4 and paying top wages .

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What did we win under Sir John Hall and Keegan? nowt! Even under Sir Bobby, when we did pay top wages, didnt win anything. People like you have no idea about modern football, most teams can't splash cash around and pay massive wages as that only ever leads to one thing - the club going under. Have a chat to Rangers fans or Portsmouth or Leeds. Would you rather the club folded?

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We were in the top 4 teams in England under Keegan and then again under Robson.

You do understand that being higher up the table and in the top European competition paid for the better players right?

No, I didn't think so.

I suppose you think players like Ginola and Les Ferdinand were a waste of money.

What is your idea of getting back to being one of the best teams in England, paying 30k a week and scouring Europe for leftovers and sneaky free transfers?

Leeds went down because they spent their money on the wrong players, that is one club who gave their transfer funds to the wrong manager. (George Graham had them playing)

Are you trying to say that investment in players does not work? How long have you been following football?

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We came damn close though and boy was it entertaining under KK.

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If you listen to Happy Harry, Spurs are not paying "top wages", they pay for quality at a decent rate. According to harry half the lazy cr*p at QPR are on more money than the top earners at Spurs. If you are realistc competing for a place in Europe is all most of us can do, without a Billionaire foreign owner no-one can compete with the Mancs or Chelsea, we all just have to wait for them to implode or the owners to get bored.

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You guys won't learn, sir john and kk nearly bankrupt your club. Which is why ashley owns you now, because nobody else would touch you with a barge pole. If it wasn't for ashley and his pals you would be the English rangers, now stop whinging and support your team!
Liono74 safc

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Don't need a foreign owner he s not short of a few quid mr Ashley he could go an blow the 39million he got two weeks ago as a bonus I agree we don't want to be going down the rd of paying stupid wages but at the same time if you want to challenge in the PL and get into Europe money needs spending but get n players out of the bargain bucket could r will send us down

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The club was ran well when sjh and kk were in charge . it was douglas hall and the 2 freddies that nearly did for the club along with dagleish, roeder, souness and gullit

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I swear you guys forget, this is his own personal money you are asking to pump in to the club. He has lent the club some stupid figure of money interest free to help clear the debt, of course he wants the money back.
Ok, we finish top four with paying big wages one year, so we buy more players, we miss out the next year, so then we have all these players on top wages? What happens, we lose them all for nothing because we can't afford to pay them.
You are saying you need to invest, look at the figures before you speak, tiote, Krul, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Anita, Santon, Debuchy, look at the prices of these players and their wages, top quality players, bought cheap, on low wages (compared to other clubs) and tell me we aren't running the club well! Seriously, half you lot need to stop being so pathetic, yes it is our club, but yes it is also a business! Leave MA alone.
Last time he listened to us with KK we did sweet FA, oh and Shearer, what a wonderful era that was. Keep Hughton (appreciate all his work) but Pardew took us so much higher!

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So how do you know we would have went bust if not for ashley? he would say that we could have got someone or some people that lkes he club ashley is taking all the cashout out of the club taking us to the cleaners the fat piece of sh1t

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