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10 Jan 2012 23:40:20
Transfer speculation: Nufc trying to bring back Andy Caroll from Liverpool for 15m. . . iToon(yes,i know its not about the name,its the sum i am suprised about)

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In mexico say they newcastle buy a player for 10 million of euros, but dit not say the neme.
I think that player is Andy carroll.
sorry for my english. {Ed001's Note - Carroll would not be going anywhere for 10m.}

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It's in a couple of papers actually, the times, the sun and it was in the evening chronicle, would definitely be a benefit to the squad.

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I'd but him to keep him sat on the bench for the rest of his contract..
Traitorous ****

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I really don't know which side of the story to believe. Was he forced out or did he jump ship for more money? I think his lack for form at Liverpool is indicative of his lack of passion for the club and I for one would welcome Carroll back albeit question marks over his loyalty.

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Would this not be reported as 10 million pounds? 2 english based companies trade in pounds! if it was euros then either business been done in europe or it would be around 9 million pound

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Please no. ed's, any further insight? I know one of you is a huge liverpool supporter....surely you couldn't even wish that waste of space on a rival, could you? {Ed001's Note - he's going nowhere, it is nonsense.}

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I would have carroll back tomorrow the lad is class remember the goals he scored 4 us ?

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10 Jan 2012 23:11:31
Anymore on us chasing Auxaure's Alain Traore, personally think would be good back up to cabaye and tiote. Have you heard anything ED?

CoulthToon {Ed001's Note - I haven't sorry, but I will ask for you.}

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10 Jan 2012 22:43:53
NUFC have put a new deal on the table for Demba Ba for when he returns from ACN. Apparantly it's a 4 year deal on 60k a week and Ba has shown great interest in signing it.

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Just means we can demand a bigger transfer fee... fingers crossed he shows more loyalty than buc

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Wouldnt put it passed his agents that he wanted a double pay day and thats why they let someone know his clause to force newcastle to offer new terms! greedy greedy! (WelshToon)

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All footballers wages and transfer fees should be capped by fifa but thet are all pi55 and wind and have not got the guts, because in a few years time a lot of top teams will have gone to the wall if something is not done now to stop wages and transfer fees getting out of control

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As long as it ain't us i don't give a monkey's.

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10 Jan 2012 19:54:32
Ed are the rumours about Erdinc true? We've obviously done our homework on him after everything that happened in the summer and although he's been a bit off form recently(also hasnt been given much of a chance this season), i think he is exactly the type of striker we need. {Ed001's Note - apparently there is something in it, the starter came from his end, I am told. He is the one trying to revive the move, I would guess there might be something behind his lack of form.}

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10 Jan 2012 21:11:40
Rumours are correct talks have been going between PSG and NUFC but its not for BA,its for their striker Melvut Eridinc. . . .iToon

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Don't want him ,don't score enough goals and doesn't / didn't wanna come here anyway.

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Maybe he's regretting not coming to us as I heard he's eager to join us and the deal could be completed before QPR game.

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Yeah..... hes clutching at straws... we werent good enough for him in june so id give him the bird

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Agree, he didnt want to come in the summer but hasnt been getting games at PSG so realises he made a mistake. We should leave him on the PSG bench and get maynard for half the price

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Maybe it wasn't about not wanting to join us but more wanting to prove something at PSG.

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10 Jan 2012 20:18:28
Im hearing that toon officials were at the riverside today! dont know if this is to negotiate for a player or anything but was told that DL was amongst the travelling party

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Havent heard anything about that but i know they were in Paris to try and get Melvut Erding

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Rhys williams, maybe? I've never seen him play but everyone seems to think he's the real deal. He's got to be better than that donkey james thompkins

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Talked to boro supporter, reckons willams would be class in a good team.

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10 Jan 2012 15:06:25
Toons scouting Chievo Verona defender Marco Andreolli(26). . . .iToon

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10 Jan 2012 13:05:18
nufc having a couple of irons in the fire shall we say erdinc also rhodes and multiple young cbs. Ba agents (as theres many) said ba,s interview was partly miss interperated as hes loving life in toon and has no intentions to leave. Also lyon have apparently offered cissioko to us and arsenal for 8m euros? (WelshToon)

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I hope Ashley shows some ambition and buys Sisikho, €8m equates to 6.6m so it woudl be a steal. If he flogs simpson for 4m then it just a m outlay and Santon can play right back. Sorted....should be done by the weekend then??

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Welshtoon is usually on the money, hope this comes off I really do.


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I don't think welshtoon's ever been "on the money", no offense to him as I don't think many folks on here are...

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You honestly think simpson is worth 4m get real.

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Hes definatley worth around that! if you think that hes worth less then your a fool! its an average price for a premiership player and hes only young!

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We need to build a squad not just buy one sell one. Simpsons form has been good recently, youre an person if you think otherwise

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10 Jan 2012 12:50:22
Guys help me out here. . . can't understand if this is good or bad. . . Fulham chasing D.Simpson. . . .

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It is good if we can buy a decent LB - otherwise it is bad... But if we get a LB it is good as Santon, who is class, will be our RB.

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ID be just as happy with RTaylor at RB as I would Danny Simpson Des Toon

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Taylor is a good utility player with a good free kick but Simpson is a better defender he doesn't drop the clangers Simpson does and doesn't get caught out of position on a regular basis

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Simpson is solid but he's one of the most infuriating defenders ever....he'll give the winger/attacker 20 yards to come in on him, giving plenty of time for a cross or a pass

I'd say that's forgivable IF he could get forward but he can't. Look at all the top teams....what is the one thing they have (besides ambitious owners) that we don't....fullbacks who instigate the attack or are there for support. Simpson unfortunately doesnt have the attacking knack and in modern football they're a necessity. I like him, again I think he's solid defensively for the most part, but there are things lacking he clearly cannot learn

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Raylor gets done far too easily .love his attitude but is simply not good enough at prem level

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10 Jan 2012 10:55:20
nufc in talks with psg over a 5m signing of melvut erdinc again! Coulb be completed as early as nxt week! (WelshToon)

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Not this again, god im sick of hearing erdinc already. hope this dont drag on like last time

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Bye bye BA then!!!


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I'd rather we signed Maynard for 3m and used teh other 2m towards giving Collo what he wants to sign a new contract.

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Hel head to arsenal or someone,didnt come the first time so leave him off

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Welshtoon all you are doing is reading the Newcastle Chronicle and then putting it on here. You do know that the chronicle and the journal are Ashley's mouthpieces. Non of the locals papers know what is going on at Newcastle as they dont disscuss transfers.

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Ashleys mouth pieces? you do know that both rags existed well before MA came to toon dont you? just doesnt fit!

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Yes I do know that. Tell me the last time the Chronicle or Journal broke a story. Read the blogs under all the stories that either paper prints and you will read what fans think. The chronicle has a live blog with the reporter every now and then and they even admit that they very little contact with the club. They feed off scraps. I know 2 first team players and they have no clue who is coming in. Ashley leaks what he wants.

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10 Jan 2012 09:56:04
Hearing Lots of talk that this week will we launch a £6 mill move for j.Rhodes.

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6m for a league one player is ridiculous

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If the player is as good as they say then its about right. Plus hes Home grown and its Jan all prices go mental. think of 35mil for carol?

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10 Jan 2012 00:44:31
Hi ed's, who's most likley to join and leave the toon this jan, any ideas ? {Ed001's Note - to be honest I am not expecting much to happen at all. I think this January will be very quiet, the fringe players that would have gone are having to stay due to injuries and the ACON. That leaves little to spend to bring others in, until the likes of Smith are removed from the wage bill. I wouldn't be surprised if there were no signings made by Newcastle. But then, would you really want to affect the team balance?}

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Baby steps, lets start with no one leaving in January.. that would make me happy.

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Also more important than new signings, is using what money we have to first complete contracts to key player we want to keep.

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