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10 Aug 2013 15:28:55
I doubt this is true but according to a couple of reports Anzhi have offered us Samuel Eto'o for just £5 million. There may be some truth in this as they're trying to sell a lot of the bigger name players such as Eto'o and Willian as they're trying to cut their huge wage bill. If this is true I'd happily take him on a 2-3 year contract, he's getting on but he's still a good striker and it wouldn't hurt to get the few extra goals he'd grab us. The thing is I'm not sure he'd be willing to take the pay cut from £350k per week at Anzhi to let's say about £40k-£45k per week max here.

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I don't think he'll take that much of a pay cut. Why not go for Willian?

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He is out of contract at the end of the season, and he is not going to take a pay cut of that size until his contract is out.

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He is a lifelong supporter of the toon so why not?ha ha.

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Well he does know Steven Taylor so maybe he can convince him to join.

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"Why not go for Willian?"
Because he'd cost £30 million, have astronomical wages and Chelsea are apparently wanting him. All those things together means no Willian for us. (would be a good buy if we could though)

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That first post must have been the most comical I have seen on here eto for 5 mill

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Its not £5 million They have offered him round for a nominal fee to get him of the wage bill. The Anzi owner wants to concentrate on youth and reduce the clubs wage bill.

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Derek Llambis talked about administration to carry favor for Ashley with the fans that were giving him abuse. This was after we were relegated with Ashley at the helm.

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I just posted what the report said. Admittedly it was in the metro so you know not exactly a credible source of information. However he is 32 and they are wanting to get rid of him so those two factors combined could mean a low (ish) price.

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Anzhi won't exactly be looking for profit for willian

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The fee is thought to be around £5 million according to the report

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Cest les vie

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Joe kinnear is best mates with him of course he would go to you lot! eto, rooney, pato?? your fans are deluded big time!! just another note eto is on £350,000 at anzhi

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Not that I think for one second he'll sign us, but, he's gunna have to that sort of pay cut if they want rid of him because there not many teams that wanna fork out more than even 100k per week

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At this point in Eto's career wages won't be his priority. He is already a multi millionaire, so how long and where he plays are going to most important. Really don't think he will expect to get anywhere near what he is getting now at a team based in Europe.
He will probs take a big pay cut to go to a good team playing in a good league. Look at Drogba now in Turkey.
So I don't think his wage demands would be an issue just up to him which team/country he wants to play in.

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This could be true. but Eto is the HIGHEST PAID FOOTBALLER on the PLANET!

£320,000 a week. i'm sure we can match that!

Blaaaaa more total rubbish!

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10 Aug 2013 11:56:14
Its not a rumour but why don't we go in for Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon instead of Bafetimbi Gomis. I remember us being linked with him a few months back and he is skillfull, young and can score goals.


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Ashley is going to take us down again. we had a big club untill fatty took over now mix us with the fulhams, villa, stoke, mackems, etc sell now fat man

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Big club in loads of debt if it wasn't for mike Ashley there would be a Sainsbury on st james now

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Yeah. We had a big club with like 85% wages to turnover ratio. We'd be going bust without Mike Ashley.

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What a load of Rubbish. Yes we were in debt when Ashley took over but no more than other clubs. To suggest we were folding is a ridiculous statement.

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There was talk about the club going into administration at one point

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We have more debt now than when Freddie was in charge - only we owe it all to Ashley.
Those who think we would have disappeared without trace if it hadn't been for our 'wonderful', generous owner need to seriously look at themselves.
The previous owners didn't deface the ground, give us objectionable sponsors, treat the fans like persons or treat each transfer window as if they had chains tied to their wallets. Oh. and they didn't relegate us either.
Quite frankly I'd take administration and start again with Old Nick in charge if it meant we got rid of this unambitious, tight, disrespectful bloke.

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More debt now. u on drugs we have no intrest payments at all and we actually make a profit every year. can you tell which company ashley has ran into the ground. love him or hate him he can make money and make his companys worth more money. yes we need another striker a winger a midfielder and defender but we bought 5 players in jan where as most other teams didnt. k

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Should have been 'treat the fans with contempt'.

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Yes Pardew, JFK and Wonga are low points but reportedly we have the 7th most expensive squad in the PL and Carr has done some brilliant deals.

Rather that than any more Owens, Luques, Duffs, Boumsongs etc under Shepherd with money we didn't have and being mortgaged to he hilt.

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7th most expensive squad in PL & only just avoided relegation.

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How many times are you going to cry on about Ashley, he is staying. Get over it.

If Freddie was here our club wouldn't be!
I hate Ashley as much as the next person, but why moan on and on and on and on (get where i'm going here?).
We have been made a laughing stock of the league a few times in the last few years, but now you have to remember we are not the Champions League/Title contenders we where in the 90's! This Newcastle are hopeful of the top 7
We started to go down hill in the 2000's with Freddie owning the club!

Patience is the only thing we need now as fans and belief in our player to do the job on the field.

And don't say they can't do it, we have seen them do it. And most of us (not including me) think all of our lads are worth over £20,000,000 each!
If these players are worth that much (you think) then we should not have a problem hitting the top 7!

Everyone needs to stop moaning about JFK and Ashley, unless your a fan with over 150 million to buy the club your moans are doing nothing but peoples heads in!

How about you get to the ground a week today and sing our boys on, give them some hope and belief that this club isn't doomed with supporters like us, and players like Cabaye, HBA, Colo and Krul.

Forget about the politics of the club, we as fans can't change anything. let's get back to turning SJP into a fortress again, and make teams afraid of the atmosphere that we once created years ago!

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09 Aug 2013 20:12:32
according to Newcastle blog site Bafi Gomis`s agents are holding up the transfer to Toon, can't Gomis just say sort this out by tomorrow or I find new agents. and how is it plural why can't he just have an agent.

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Joe, mike and Alan if you care
And want us to care get us a striker
And winger and a centre back
I can't make it any plainer

We need them

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If gomis really wants to come
Get on a plane
With your agent/s
Get here
Thrash out a deal
Have a medical
And make it happen.

If not its just so u stay where u are

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Why are we not looking at the eravadasie Dutch league as I thought we were for striker? Winger or a centre back
What about championship
Surely worth a punt on say Jordan rhodes
Or the lad from Watford or one or two decent players for derby, Brighton or are we too concerned just with France
Surely there must be a jem or 2 in the lower leagues we can unearth

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He will have a contract with his agents. Or maybe he's hoping a bigger club comes in for him.

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A gem even

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I really want us to sign Brown Ideye, he has expressed a massive interest in joining us. He is quoted saying this about newcastle "They have a good fan-base and play an attacking style of football. He has good knowledge of the club and of the Premier League. Brown would love to test himself at that level. "

i would much prefer a player with this sort of attitude then bafetimbi gomis, and in my opinion he is a better all round player. He would also be slightly cheaper and he is younger at 24. His scoring record in Kyiv is 29 in 57 which is exceptional

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I would say he had a very poor knowledge of the cub if he thinks we play attacking football

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What use is another ACON player. we will loose him jan and feb, so we will be down our two strikers for upwards of 2 months? I have never understood going for players who leave for that long of a period during a crucial time in the season. what's swansea going to do when Bony leaves for the ivory coast? Gomis to me fits perfect for the premleague and newcastle!

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09 Aug 2013 17:30:31
I have heard from an reliable source that Sinclair will sign but only after the city game. City do not want to boost an opposition side on managers debut. Fee is around 5 million already agreed. He will sign a 5 year contract

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Makes sense, they'll not want to help us right before we play them, even though they'll probably beat us with or without Sinclair.

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They would buy him now and just put in clause can't saying can't play that game. no problem,, anyother team in the league who wanys a winger will be sniffing, biggest bidder wins,

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Try west brom

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He's not fit enough to play even if he signed now. he had to get a rib out at the end of last season.

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I have it on good authority your talking a load of crap!

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