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10 Apr 2012 20:59:54
Obertan to Real Betis for 4.2 million pounds.

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Ha, i'd say take it, but it's not happening.

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I'd pay them that to take him.

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Are you nuts? Obertan may have been poor but lets give him a little bit more patience. He wants to prove to us he´s a good player. But he has to hurry up otherwise he may be looking at playing in LIGUE 2!

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Id forgotten about him with Bennie playing

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We need squad players and he is still young, leave him to fight for a place. 3 months ago everyone was saying Perch should ship out, now people are raving about his contribution. Perhaps a little patience should be shown, people want everything right now, sometimes a player can develop over time.... maybe ;)

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10 Apr 2012 17:43:06
just a prediction but with fixtures to come how many more points do you think you will get i reckon and this is my opinion
stoke home 1pt
wigan away 0pt
chelsea away 0pt
man city home 0pt
everton away 0pt

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Banned from this web son!

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And with that terrible terrible run we will finish ahead of the mackems.

Always in the shadow.

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Thats a mackems opinion no doubt. Nothing better to do. What's it like to have your finished in March.

Stoke 3pts
Wigan 3pts
Chelsea 0pts (they'll get a dodgey decision)
City 3 pts
Everton 1 pt.

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Why bother

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With cisse in form at the rest of the team playing like they are now. i reckon you'll win all them and draw wit city and chelsea. and i dnt even support you but no you have a gr8 team.. kaylem1300

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Are you sure ye dont support them that post and its spelling has a bit of geordie to it

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Just a prediction but with fixtures to come how many more points do you think you will get i reckon and this is my opinion
stoke home 1pt
wigan away 0pt
chelsea away 0pt
man city home 0pt
everton away 0pt

Your having a laugh Stoke terrible average side win 2-0 3 points
Wigan we are just too good for them we have done it before be 2nd best against Swansea and Blackburn 0-2 win 3 points
Chelsea away I think a 1-1 defeat 1 points
Man City the way they are playing and espically away while the way we are playing, 1-0 3 points
Everton 1-1 draw 1 point

11 points out of 15 points

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Im thinking realistically we can look to get 7 points from the last 15. None of these games are easy and I think 2 wins a draw would be good. I think we will draw vs City and pick up 3 from Wigan and Everton.

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On the fence a little here, I think we'll lose against Chelski (dodgy decision) draw against Wigan (as is the way) and win the rest.

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We will win all our last games chelsea and man city are crap at present the others are just rubbish

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Daft lad on here dont know much about football if ye gonna post predictions on the remaining sunderland games get the teams right

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10 Apr 2012 13:26:28
Newcastle are turning their attention to Dutch League, after Pieters, Douglas we are said to be tracking PSV's Georginio Wijnaldum . . . . iToon

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Hope so m8

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Would love Pieters and Douglas, that Kondogbia looks good too (hope he doesn't turn out to be a Gosling though).

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10 Apr 2012 13:23:05
Newcastle could target Darren bent or jermain Defoe if demba ba is to leave.Fc basels defender dragovic is also a target.

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Bent and defoe are way too old for us no sell on...

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I would go for fc basle defender dragovic.

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10 Apr 2012 12:36:23
who's newcastle to sign in the summer then?

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Romain Amalfitano

Erik Pieters


Jay Rodriguez/Wilfried Zaha/Jordan Rhodes/John Guidetti

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Got to be Douglas and Pieters id also put Dempsey in the mix quality player.

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Pogba. Johnson from man city and Sotiris ninis. These Would be a long shot but can see them in our squad.

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Dempsey is a quality player but he's too old 4 us.

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10 Apr 2012 12:02:29
I think Ameobi is not good enough for a top 6 side. I would get in another good striker so we have 3 good ones, We need two more decent midfield players assuming that one goes and a center Defender.

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Ameobi is a good squad player... set up cisse, he has played well as a sub this season. won us a pen at sunderland. and did his job and hasn't shown petulence about not getting starts.

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I agree with you he does well from the bench but he doesn't start anymore.

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