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09 May 2014 10:41:04
Check out the rumours on line about Christopher Galtier, looks like he might be the man who is coming to replace Pardew.


1.) Can only hope and pray. A french manager for a virtually a french squad is a no-brainer. I like the sound of this:-

The 47-year-old has been in charge at Saint-Etienne for five seasons, winning the French League Cup last term and incredibly guided his side to fourth in Ligue 1 this year, requiring just a point to ensure Champions League qualification, despite the sale of star striker Pierre Aubameyang.

With a penchant for free-flowing, attacking football and a well-organised defence Galtier, who is also interesting Aston Villa, seems to be the perfect candidate to take over at Newcastle should Ashley dispense with Pardew during the summer

2.) Jimmy, nick. Where are these rumours, can you give me a link address please?

{Ed001's Note - they are everywhere mate, from L'Equipe to the Mail, Mirror, Chronicle, BBC and Sky are all reporting it.}

3.) I did post that my friend who works at the club told me Pardew has already cleared his desk, my friend told me about this rumour yesterday

4.) Mixed feelings about him. Would rather a manager who plays good football and has managed in the premier league like Laudrup

5.) Jimmy your friend might be right but is only because Ashley gave Pardew a Tenner for new stuff



06 May 2014 19:57:03
I have been told from someone who works in the club that Pardew has already cleared his desk at the training ground. Apparently he was told he will be leaving after season due to the poor run of results


1.) Here's hoping



31 Jan 2014 13:23:35
Inter Milan are after HBA




17 Jan 2014 13:54:39
The following players will be leaving



1.) . Tim Kruls house is up for sale Milan or Juv are in for him. Cab and Stanton are off to Arsenal

2.) Nah. . .

3.) He Cabaye and Santon to Arsenal rumour was started by a web site who everyone knows has never made up a rumour which has been any where near right. As for Krul selling his house a) where's your proof and b) selling a house does not mean he's leaving.

4.) Didnt know krul owned his house. thought he was renting. Like HBA rents Micheal Owens

5.) 1) I said Stanton and Cabaye to Arsenal, Krul will go to Milan or Juv.
2) This is not from a website, I don't post like that
3) My source works in the club, knows the players and staff including Pardew and JFK. I can't say there name of obvious reasons.
Ed do you know anything about this?

6.) Another person who knows someone really close in the club and knows AP and JK. whatever m8. Zzzzzzzzzzzz




Jimmy1976's banter posts with other poster's replies to Jimmy1976's banter posts


14 Sep 2014 13:48:42
It would be nice to think that Pardew will be sacked but I'm guessing that if this has not happened by Monday than its not going to happen. yet. The problem is possible candidates for the job reported by the media will probably be way off. Its more likely going to be another cockney has been


1.) I just hope that a miracle happens and we get off to a good start against Hull. our starts against Hull and Palace were terrible. our performances against Villa and Man city were encouraging. I'm not sure what has happened since then?

Hopefully Pardew can turn this round because Ashley will likely appoint a bigger person than pardew. So Far he has hired Keegan, JFK, pardew, JFK again, dennis Wise and the spanish property tycoon.

We all seem to assume that Ashley will hire a recognised manager. He won't. Pardew could be our best option lads. Unless Mourinho has some serious gambling debts!



06 Sep 2014 13:41:40
I would just like to say that I did post before the summer that Ashley was seeking to buy Rangers. I still think this will happen, not sure of the rules about owning two clubs but I'm sure I read somewhere that he can do this. I hope he buys Rangers and sells up


1.) Yes he can buy rangers, if we ever get back to Europe we won't be allowed to face them if also still owned by Ashley.

{Ed007's Note - No he can't. The SFA won't allow him to own any more than 10%.}

2.) Well said Ed

3.) Hope reports are right and Ashley aims to move on
But can't see him killing the Golden Goose

4.) 06 Sep 2014 20:03:13
I had a look on the Rangers page and a lot of people seem to want Ashley to buy. bless them

{Ed007's Note - They'll take anyone, Jimmy, it's desperate times. They have around £1.2 million in the bank and £620,000 of that was ringfenced in court yesterday in a case involving monies owed to an ex-director. With payroll due in 2 weeks they don't have enough money to even cover that and are rushing through a share issue to raise £4 million which will see them through to December where they will need further investment. There are also 2 outstanding loans, £1m from a supporter and £500k from a director, that were needed to complete last season, they were due repaid at the end of August.
It would cost MA serious millions just to put Rangers on an even keel between buying up shares, investing in the team, the major repairs needed at the dilapidated stadium and the crumbling training ground, it would be many years before he would see any hint of breaking even let alone even think about making a profit. His deal with selling the merchandise will make him a lot of money with no serioius outlay, between that deal, (he now also owns the naming rights to Ibrox, they cost him £1 and if he sold them to anyone else he gets the money estimated at £3/4 million p.a.) and the TV money he has coming in at Newcastle he has the best of both worlds IMO.
If you want to make money from owning a football club there's not much chance of it happening in Scotland.
Newcastle were paid £77,379, 252 in TV money ALONE last season, the club currently trading as Rangers lost over £70 million since relaunching in 2012. If you were a businessman which club would you rather own? Personally I would be amazed if there is any truth in the whole rumour, it just wouldn't make any sense, it would need to be someone who had an affinity with club and was willing to bankroll a moneypit.}

5.) Ed: thanks for the info. Seems like anyone with a few bob in the bank could acquire Gers and all of the profits that some dodo's mistakenly imagine would accrue. As I've said before,
NUFC are, and will remain so, far more profitable than Rangers. Otherwise, there'd be a long queue of chancers waiting to take them on. Simples.

6.) Good Info Ed 7 great to read someone who knows what they are talking about

7.) Come on then, art and vida. If two 'brains' are better than one, let the whole world have the benefit of your joint wisdom. You say that you have heard that Ashley is preparing to sell (but no source, of course) So man up, if you can, and put your reputations as know-all pundits on the line and tell us: is Ashley going to sell NUFC in order to buy Gers, or is this just another load of gobs**** from the Terrible Twins?

8.) 06 Sep 2014 22:28:34
I guess buying out Rangers would depend on what Ashley would get from selling Newcastle. If he spent money in Rangers they would be champions league in a few years the advertising in Europe every year can't be dismissed. I am still hopeful as its the only realistic or probable way of Ashley leaving

{Ed007's Note - It would cost him 10s of millions to even get close to Celtic, on and off the park, and it will be years before Rangers get anywhere near the qualifiers to the CL. Celtic were paid £22 million by UEFA in 2012/13 for reaching the last 16 of the CL, that included 2 games against Barca and 2 against Juventus, even that doesn't dent the money Newcastle get from Sly TV.
The club currently operating as Rangers are struggling to make it to Christmas without undergoing an insolvency event and you're talking about them playing in the CL- do you seriously see MA giving up EPL TV money to bankroll a financial basketcase of a club just to get some free advertising? If MA takes over at Ibrox he is guaranteed one thing - he will lose a hell of a lot of money.}

9.) Vic you are a disgrace to this Newcastle page
Your apathetic comments seem to be exactly what Pardew would say
Just man up and accept there are people on here way ahead if you

10.) It seems if anyone has a similar view you have a way of saying do you want to be in my gang and like GG you are in the widerness
Just say your piece and move on Newcastle supporter no wonder we are in trouble

11.) Ed: didn't I say months ago that NUFC was a far more profitable business than Gers even in Europe? Why, in heaven's name, would Ashley sel up NUFC, a cash cow, in order to acquire a shambles like Rangers? If he can turn a profit from both, why give the best one up? And where are the buyers for NUFC? We'll have to ask vida, who knows everythinh.

{Ed007's Note - You're spot on and the only way the retail contract can be broken is if they go into liquidation again, even if the club is sold (without liquidation) MA's deal still stands. He has the only thing at Ibrox that can make money sewn up and still has the riches from owning an EPL club, it's win win for him.}

12.) Vic I do not profess to know everything but one thing for sure I know more than you probably about everything.

I think most people understand but for the one person that does not I will say again
I heard a rumour that MA is putting his club in order because he is thinking of selling, it is something I was told by people who supposedly know & from whom I have been given information previously that became true.
It is not something that I know as a fact and I have never said MA is selling to buy Rangers although it would be graet it would be foolish but that may be a possibility.

This is a banter page & any news especially even possibly positive about MA and the team is welcome and anyone with any info is of course is also welcome to share it, but expect you Vic who has been on here a long time to not get the point or try another slant to try and belittle anything anyone writes if he cannot grasp the point.

Simply Vic you also are welcome to share banter no matter how wrong you are.

13.) Good post there vida at number 13

We are all avid Newcastle united supporters and we all want the best for our beloved club, we have different opinions, banter and views that we like to share on this page and that's welcome. Respect everyone's opinions. This is what the page is for, and art, vida and Vic need to stop throwing the insults and start having a proper football debate

14.) JT forget the insults they only came one way and have been answered.
Problem is a lot of people still think we are or should be in the same class as
Arsenal FC
Chelsea FC
Manchester United
Liverpool FC
We as most know are not, it is about rebuilding a depleated yet finacialy sound club and dreaming and posting positive points (which most of your posts are) and what this page should be about. However some people have been going through this for a longer than when Ashley bought the club and historiacal comments are made by fools living in the past BUT they count for nothing as this person has ripped up any history and record books and experinced players that could have helped avoid the pitfalls this excuse for a man takes as everyday par for the course.

Newcastle United as a club from a football playing point of view is in poor health and we need leadership and someone who cares about the club and its loyal fans.

Dream post and lament as you like and understand not everyone has your point of view but do not call anyone on here a Mackem Troll and gob ****** or Lituanian (the person who wrote this could have a problem with this) he should be banned for his insult smade to anyone on here.

15.) We'll said Vida forget Vic or is it Thick
If he wants to be a pl. b that's his choice

Keep posting

16.) Vida/art: purely football debate with no insults this time. You say you heard a rumour, well, perhaps. Let's leave aside for a moment all talk of Ashley buying Rangers (Ed has shot that one down, I think). My question for you is a simple one. Why would he put players and manager on unusually long contracts if he's hoping to attract a buyer? Wouldn't it make more sense to give them shorter, extendable contracts, so that new owners could get rid of unwanted liabilities, and install their own boss? As a supplementary, don't you think that Ashley has been getting NUFC finances into order ever since he first arrived? Didn't he try to sell up five years ago? Did you put these obvious questions to your unnamed sources? It's just my opinion, of course - to which I am entitled - that Ashley would be mad to sell up while big profits are to be had. If I'm right, and I could be wrong, then all unfounded rumours of unnamed buyers, coming from unnamed sources, are just wishful pie in the sky.

17.) Vic you need glasses Who said what
about Ashley selling?

18.) Art: look up five posts and all will be revealed. Your mate vida said he got good info from a believable source. No glasses required. I don't place any reliance on his info, but that's just my opinion.

19.) Victor or what ever your name is This a Banter page man so your suggestion is we should run it past you before posting. Mad

There are people who know things and know a lot more than you. If it comes true so be it and I have seen some stupid comments on here but don't call prople Makems or anything else YOU have a habit of doing that if you don't like what they write

20.) IM A RANGERS FAN and Rangers could be a cashcow for ashley. With 50k season tickets sold that would make back any money he would invest and ED you say the only way ashley could lose his retail and the naming rights is if Rangers go into liquadation this is incorrect mate as if we go into ADMINISTRATION then both contracts would be ripped up losing ashley a lot of money in the process as the naiming rights alone are worth 4 million a season and Rangers merchandise is worth a hell of a lot more than that. So its in ahsleys best intrest to keep Rangers afloat. u say he is earning 30 million a season from Newcastle??/ and rangers could get no were near this?? again I don't agree as when in the spl the normal price for a season book at ibrox is about 550 quid so times that by 40 that gives you 22 million JUST ON SEASON BOOKS ALONE then he would have merchandise on top of that. AND FINALLY you say he would have to spend tens of millions to catch celtic lolol have you seen the state of celtic recently??

{Ed001's Note - Newcastle have a bigger stadium.....}

21.) 52, 405 newcastle

51, 082 ibrox

Yeah ed lots more sets ey!!

{Ed001's Note - I am sorry is my being correct not to your liking? You are just proving how little you know about footie, the profit margin at Newcastle vastly outweighs anything he could get from Rangers, while they play in a no-entity of a league. Unless they leave the Scottish league, they will always be a poor relation to the Prem teams in England.}

22.) Your missing the point ED. You seem to think Rangers are small fry when if ran correctly there is a shed load of money to be made. And the amount he would have to spend on players up here would be nothing compared to what he has spent down there! And what have I said that shows I no nothing about football? Could you explain that to me?

{Ed001's Note - sorry did I say they were small fry? Or have you just got a chip on your shoulder about the fact that a club the size of Newcastle, playing in the most watched league in the world, makes massive amounts of money compared to a big club playing in what has become a minor league?
Spending on players is irrelevant, if you actually understood football, as you would see that Newcastle can turn a profit on player sales.}

23.) Ed/Ross: Ashley's a multi-billionaire and a big poker player. Could he have in mind a move (eventually) to take Rangers out of SPL and into England? Big dosh longterm for small outlay now?

{Ed007's Note - No.}



30 Aug 2014 22:30:54
What bothers me most about Newcastles play is the lack of movement. Surely pass and movement is the basics of the game


1.) Southampton up next and pardew against another manager who's light years ahead of him

2.) There is no movement Period Jimmy. We lack desire with and without the ball.



27 Aug 2014 08:42:01
I am going to try and be positive. It takes time for new players to settle in to life in the prem for some players this can happen quickly for others not so. . remember Collo when he first came? I hope some of our new players will start to settle in quick and show what they can do. That's as positive as I can get as I don't rate Pardew at all. I ask myself what Martinez could do with our squad, someone who knows about attacking football and where players should play i. e. Lukaku won't play right wing like Cisse had to. . . its not rocket science




17 Aug 2014 18:57:30
I thought we did well today but for me the formation was wrong. We played so much better when we went 442. Would like to see a goal scorer and a centre half before the window closes.





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Tiote might be sold but I can't see De jong, too old. We should have looked at Song before the 'ammers got him.




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01 Sep 2014 15:09:34
Defoe won't happen, Welbeck won't happen. Newcastle need or should have got rid of fringe players that are not good enough. instead we loan out MYM (who should be ahead of Taylor by miles). There are plenty of players that could have gone but its getting too late in the day. BTW we wasted too much time on trying to get that Lyon forward. I would have gone for Bacca, Richards and Sinclair. nevermind




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He would be a better option than Carroll and he is a better footballer as well




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I did post that my friend who works at the club told me Pardew has already cleared his desk, my friend told me about this rumour yesterday




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I have heard this rumour, its been flying around for a while. I personally don't get it, he is no better than what we have. seems abit of getting a player for the sake of getting a player. I hope Sunderland stay up and they give him a new deal as I don't think he is that good.





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16 Mar 2015 17:23:27
I see trouble ahead…. (there is a song about that), Janmaat to Liverpool, Sissoko to Arsenal, Aarons to Man City, Perez to Man City, Krul to Arsenal all have been rumoured and you wouldn’t bet on them going ether. Out of contract players most of whom I would want to go as well leaves Newcastle with nothing to build on. We all know that nothing will change until Ashley is out, so unless he is selling up in the summer (last time it was reported that he won’t consider this until 2016) we are in for darker times my friends. I have no doubt Carver will be our head coach next season and I doubt any major investment will happen ether. RELIGATION NEXT YEAR 100% if things stay the way they are! Are ONLY hope is someone buys out Ashley! Or fans force him out (which won’t happen cause he won’t leave unless he gets his money back)




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I am sure Mike Ashley said that he wouldn't sell the club until the summer of 2016. Having said that, the developments in Rangers seem to be gathering interest from other parties. I have been here before and said Ashley would buy Rangers and one of the Ed's said this was rubbish. I still think it will happen, wouldn't surprise me if Newcastle was sold this summer. The appointment of the next manager would be a indicator if this will happen or not. I. e. if its a manager like De Boar then I guess Ashley is staying, if its JFK then i'm guessing he is on his way out. only time will tell. The fact is this season is over, out the cups, not really going to be religated so see what happens come July.




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They are not veg




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Collo was absolute donkey in his first season. Sometimes players take time to settle in. Even Henry at Arsenal took a while to get going.




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10 Oct 2014 13:27:42
If that's true Jtoon, then that explains why things are so bad. three days working on how to stop other teams?!? with one day on attacking! should be the other way around for me. Teams should be worried about us not the other way around.