08 Oct 2014 10:04:33
I am a little confused by this season's Newcastle. What has Collocini got to do to get dropped? Why send Mbiwa out on loan anyway, surely he deserved to be in at centre back?

Is Pardew deliberately trying to get the sack or does he genuinely believe Mbiwa is not as good as Collocini, Williamson or Taylor?

What does he have the players working on in training anyway? I mean you can understand the players needing time to gel as an attacking unit, but defensively they are completely disorganised. There is no reason for that at all. They should know their role and so have a basic idea of what positions to take up and who to mark when the opposition have the ball and at set pieces. But there is absolutely no sign of any of the players working as a team, as a defensive unit, when the ball is lost.

When you consider only Janmaat is new of the back four, then add in that Tiote, who is the main midfield shield, was also there last season, the basics should be there from those. The others, including Janmaat, should be working off the keeper, centre backs and Tiote's directions anyway.

The fact that none of them do so can only come down to the fault of the coaching staff. So why is no one in Ashley's ear telling him this? For that matter, how can he not see it himself? Or does he just not give a monkey's?

1.) 08 Oct 2014
I just don't think ashley gives a monkey's ed. Unless we are in danger of being relegated at xmas, then ashley will take action. But atm, pardew's doing as he's told and keeping us in the premier league, that is all

2.) 08 Oct 2014
I read this article about pardew's training regime, about how pardew would come in on monday with a supposed "analysis" of the next opposition's threat and he would train the players monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday on defending and how to deal with certain individuals, and on friday stone and carver would train the players how to get at the opposition, something pardew had no involvement in.

{Ed001's Note - judging by the performances over the past year or so, I think Pardew has been taking Monday to Thursday off!}

3.) 09 Oct 2014
Clearly no one respects pardews opinion, ideas or tactics. Unless he is asking collocini not to pick up players, janmaat to constantly get caught ball watching, williamson to act as if he has never played in defence before and for no one to mark at corners.

The middle 3rd we look decent. Who is coaching that area?

4.) 10 Oct 2014
10 Oct 2014 13:27:42
If that's true Jtoon, then that explains why things are so bad. three days working on how to stop other teams?!? with one day on attacking! should be the other way around for me. Teams should be worried about us not the other way around.