04 Oct 2017 18:34:38
Let us all hope there is some truth in Ashley selling up!!

I heard he is vamping up the price nearer 500m which is a joke

{Ed001's Note - he is in discussions which are subject to an NDA.}

1.) 05 Oct 2017
04 Oct 2017 19:27:04
Yes I know and he is trying to get what he paid with his loan taken out and 380m
NDC has nothing to do with the bid
As for Staveley she personally does not have enough money
Her consortium who are not one of the 3 parties of course do have the money in extream.

{Ed001's Note - she has no consortium, she represents extremely wealthy people, she is not actually a part of it.}

2.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 09:18:41
Contradicting reports ed
Are that she wants to be part of it, but with a personal fortune of 110m she can not afford it unless she will be a figurehead for her clients who of course have billions.

But of course even at Ashley's asking price of 380m he could again move the posts.

Talks with Barnes are immenent
& all the loyal fans like JT and Des could be dancing a jig.

{Ed001's Note - I don't read reports, I am saying what I am told is her involvement.}

3.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 10:31:31
Neither do I only what business I am involved with and this is news in those circles.

{Ed001's Note - then why mention the reports?}

4.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 18:02:45
Because that is all you can mention when in this business
I know more than you but
I am not a reporter.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so.}